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The Gang goes on a Walkabout (pt. 1)

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

After dining on some wonderful boar bacon and eggs from town, Bharash, Brodie, and Keira decide to head out into wilderness surrounding Wyvernfell.

In the distance, Brodie spots a settlement of some kind and directs the others’ attention to it. “Could that be a settlement that people are living in?” Bharash wonders.

Feeling a sense of adventure, the party decides to head in that direction, but there doesn’t appear to be any specific game trails, and certainly none that would indicate a path in and out of the area, but Bharash rolls a 20 on his nature check and is able to easily lead the group through the brush toward a stream. Brodie’s suggestion to follow the stream pays off, as the party reaches a nearby clearing where the tops of some old buildings can be more clearly seen. Looking around, there is a weird-looking plant. It’s half-eaten white and purple flowers appear to have the shape of a naked man.

“It’s the dick plant!” Bharash exclaims.

After examining it closely, Bharash is able to determine that the plant seems hardy enough to replant, even in its current condition, and that it may be possible to grow more of them from the first. Bharash does not notice any specific bite marks on the flowers indicating the type of animal that might be eating it, but after a short time decides to take the plant in order to replant elsewhere.

While Bharash is playing with his dick flower, Brodie spies the settlement in the distant clearing and decides to investigate. Before walking over there, Brodie instructs the party that he will make 3 clicking sounds in the event it is all clear and 2 clicks if there is danger.

Bharash barely notices.

Meanwhile, Keira sees more of the plants around the area and Bharash thinks it is a great idea to grab all the plants in sight. There appear to be 10 plants healthy enough for replanting.

Brodie approaches the settlement littered with buildings appearing dilapidated, broken down and of little use, but just beyond the buildings lies a pit with ruins.

He takes a closer look at the buildings and notices they are of Dwarven origin, that they may not be safe to enter structurally, but there doesn’t appear to be anyone inside.

*click *click *click

The party approaches. There doesn’t seem to be any treasure or usable items within the buildings, yet their sunken nature indicates there may be a limestone cavern nearby, perhaps the pit holds treasures to behold.

Feeling adventurous, the party ventures toward the pit. Brodie takes note that there appears to be only one entrance and exit in or out of it.

While walking around the grounds, Bharash notices what appears to be 4 petrified eye-stalks. He doesn’t know how they were created, but his senses indicate that they had been used in a form of magic, but for now they stare off into space, frozen in stone. Their stare makes Brodie feel very uncomfortable, but his survival nature, while making him super cautious and alert, pushes him to move on ahead.

“Remember, I’ll make 3 clicks and you’ll move ahead safely. If I make 2 clicks, there is danger ahead.” Brodie motions his movements toward a cave entrance. He moves ahead alone while Bharash, the slowest of the group continues to inspect the outside.

Brodie enters the dark cave. It appears it is often used, but there doesn’t seem to be anything or anyone around.

Made of limestone, the winding cavern appears safe enough with only a few stalactites and stalagmites ahead. Brodie decides to notify the others.

*click *click *click

Keira rushes into the cavern, excited as ever to be on an adventure with her friends. As if by pure coincidence, she spots a tea set on the ground, in a well-worn resting spot, big enough for 4 people to have tea!

Our party only has 3 people in it currently.

Brodie freaks out a bit and starts to back away. “This is some creepy shit, man.. I’m outta here.”

Keira, nimble as ever, races Brodie out of the cavern leaving poor Bharash alone in the dark. Fortunately, Bharash did remember to light one of Keira’s torches. He has a very hard time seeing in the dark, after all.

As if by instinct, Brodie lays a wire trap at the cavern entrance. As Bharash arrives, Brodie instructs him how not to trip over the wire, the clunky Dragonborn..

The party expects there might be danger approaching soon, so they dash out of the pit, through the clearing, and into some nearby foliage.

Bharash is confident he will be seen no matter what he does because, well, he is a shiny copper and brass Dragonborn in a green clearing with only a few trees around. Brodie knows how to remain still and unseen while Keira is so acrobatic, it makes Bharash jealous. After a short argument, the two convince Bharash to climb a tree, surely an embarrassing act for him.

They wait for a short time, Keira overhears some noise in the distance. “It sounds like people are talking, but I cannot make out what they are saying.”

The voice grows louder as Keira is able to make out that it is just one voice speaking in multiple languages. It seems one language the party cannot understand at all, but it keeps repeating a name.

“Felixx… I..did…Felixx..durfrah nam captuq..Felixx,” it continues.

Brodie motions to Bharash and Keira to remain still and quiet while we wait for it to get closer. There is movement both in and around the farthest house at the settlement.

Bharash is feeling uneasy being in the tree, but sticks it out as Keira hides perfectly. Brodie sits a bit higher in the tree and is able to see what appears to be floating eyes.

Oh no..

“There are floating eyes, Bharash!” he whispers loudly.

“What is that, a manticore?” Bharash cluelessly guesses to the species of the beast, still in the distance, rustling about and talking to itself.

The beast makes its way around the other settlements just barely in view. The party notices it’s round purplish boar-like body with a large eye and 4 eyes connected by stalks floating above. The perceptive beast notices Bharash immediately in the tree..

“Of course he finds me first,” Bharash laments quietly to himself, but doesn’t move. Another eye spots Brodie in the tree.

“Felixx, is that you?” The beast inquires. “I did not expect to see you today. It must be Tuesday already.”

Brodie makes a convincing deception check, drops from the tree, and begins talking to the beast as if he is Felixx. Now in full view, the 5-eyed monster appears to be a younger, perhaps weaker beholder. “It has been 150 years, Felixx. I have served my purpose. I have done what you have asked. The flowers, they are removed every single day, just like you wanted. I have done good, right Felixx?”

Brodie begins to ask questions about the plant but before the beast answers him, he asks about the dragonborn in the tree.

“Who is your friend, Felix?”

Bharash drops to the ground and says to the beholder, “Felixx, I have just met Feli…”

“He is my brother,” Brodie interrupts him. "Now about this flower. Can you remind me what it is used for?"

"Yes, yes. I have done good, Felixx. I have kept the plants safe. We shall discuss this more over some tea. Would you enjoy some tea Felixx?"

The monster invites Bharash and Brodie for tea in the cave. It does not appear to suspect anything is out of the ordinary. In fact, one might tell of how sad and lonely this seemingly docile and misunderstood creature must be, and to be enslaved for 150 years!? Talking to itself! Keira cleverly remains out of site, the squirrelly little monk. So without Keira, we decide to follow the beast into the pit.

It turned around and said, “Felixx, I must warn you that people have been here.”

“Oh?” Brodie seems perplexed.

“Yes, Felixx. The flowers, I have been destroying them like you asked, and I am ready to be freed, but today I notice there are no flowers. It seems they have been discovered.”

The creature eyeballs Bharash as he slinks down to the cave entrance and creeps inside, completely missing the trap Brodie had placed.


With half of its body in view, and the 4 floating eyeballs looking out of the shadows, it quizzes, “But of course you remember the password, Felixx. Right?”

Brodie turns away, and Bharash immediately takes action.


“The password is DIE BITCH!” Bharash screems as a hurl of empowered fireballs is flung toward the monster for 37 damage.

The monster reels from pain and says “You aren’t Felix!”

Bharash replies, “That’s right, I am not Felixx,” and turns toward Brodie, “he is!”

Brodie dashes forward with a surprise double attack assassination attempt, and deals a heavy 19 damage.

Just then, Keira appears and begins preparing an attack.

Still surprised, the monster does not have time to react before Bharash casts a blindness spell. 5 orbs of dark energy move toward the monster, but it is no good!

The beholder’s eyes stiffen, open wide, and a force-field of energy bats the dark orbs back toward Bharash.

Fortunately, Bharash is able to simply dodge as he runs toward the cave entrance.

It tries to follow up it’s redirect with a laser beam pointed at Bharash, but Bharash is able to side-step the beam without issue.

Brodie is not so lucky. The monster is able to bite him and deal 7 points of damage. It’s eyes angrily stare into Brodie’s eyes. Brodie becomes infected with a mind-curse. He thinks he is surrounded by tons of evil creatures out to attack him. He reacts by flailing about recklessly.

“You are not Felixx!” The monster screams, enraged by his deception.

Bharash attempts to blind him again, thinking if he is blinded the spell might be broken, but it fails.

Keira attempts to attack one of the eyes, but critically fails and is instead hit by one of Brodie’s flailing short-swords, taking 4 points of damage, falling prone.

The beast fails an attack on Keira.

Brodie critically fails a short-sword attack, it misses as he falls to the ground. One of Brodie’s short swords is thrown at Bharash, but Bharash has surprising reflexes and is able to dodge.

Keira satisfactorily performs a flurry of blows on the monster, gashing two of its eyes.

Bharash casts a scorching ray for 19 damage to the monster. In a loud explosion, guts bursting out, flames engulf the monster as it falls over dead.

Brodie regains his mind and immediately stabs the corpse for good measure.

An goo made up of partially digested purple dick flowers oozes out of its dead body.

Brodie, still actively alarmed asks, “Who is Felixx? Can this thing be summoned?”

The party collects itself after a hard battle fought.

After calming down a little, the party decides to plan a trap for whoever this Felixx person is, but none have any proficiencies or tools that would allow for creating such a convincing trap.

“What day is it?”

“It is Monday, Bharash. The beast was expecting to meet with Felixx on Tuesday.” says Brodie. “We could try to trap him, but we don’t want to make an enemy of him if he is not an enemy.” he continues.

Clearing his scaly throat Bharash says, “Yes, well I am adept at trapping animals for food. Perhaps the traps I know will be of little use to you.”

Brodie instructs everyone to setup camp somewhere nearby but out of the way, while he investigates the buildings again. No new insights come from this, but it appears the buildings may have sunk in long ago from some sort of seismic activity.

Continue to the Next Part The Gang does Drugs.

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