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The Gang goes back to East Shore (pt. 3)

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

The party happily feasts on Horse Meat credit @dwynlip

After drinking Dick Flower Tea, and shanking some old man who wouldn't cooperate, then stealing his book and leaving him to rot, the party ventured back into town to talk with their buddy, Bo.

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Bokamos, the Earl of Wyvernfell, is performing in the inn for the townspeople when Bharash, Brodie, and Keira burst in, interrupting his songs. Brodie does not care about Bo's performance and insists that he come upstairs to talk about what just happened.

Bo, as any entertainer worth his weight in salt would do, makes an entertainer's exit by bringing the performance to a rightful close, wishing all of his fans a good night, before following his friends to his meeting room.

Brodie asks, "Have you ever heard of a wizard by the name of 'Felixx?'"

Bo thinks for a moment and recalls that yes he has heard of this great wizard from ages past. "He is a wizard who.. eh.. well he defeated this guy..well... it was long ago and I must admit that many of our stories are a bit exaggerated, but essentially, Felixx is well known for taking down an evil Mage who used his evil powers of necromancy to terrorize the wor..."

"We sorta killed him," Keira says cheerfully, interrupting Bo before he gets into a long-winded tale.

"We have his spellbook, though. Perhaps it will be helpful to us somehow," Brodie says, pointing to Bharash, "and Bharash's face melted off, man. It was gnarly."

"Here is the book!" Bharash pulls out the grimoire for Bokamos to look at.

"Wait, guys! Wait. What?" Bo seems puzzled. "What have you guys been doing for the last couple of days?"

Brodie tells the story of the beholder.

"Is THIS an exaggeration?" Bo is amazed.

Brodie says, "No."

Bharash starts talking about the herb, "And we found that purple dick-shaped flower that Khemed wanted for us to setup a trade route with him. It is near the edge of town back where we killed that eyeball creature. We took some of it, ground it up and made tea out of it."

Brodie interjects, "It nearly killed us."

"And I don't know what the fuss was all about. I didn't even get high. I lost the use of one of my eyes for a short bit, but I have 2 eyes, so no big." Bharash continues.

Brodie says, "It melted his face and my arm. It was terrible, and I am a bit traumatized by it, to be honest."

Bo asks, "Do you have any flowers with you now?"

The group was so caught up in killing Felixx and looting his body that they didn't even think to grab any plants.

Bo returns his attention to the spellbook, grabs the tome of Hadelbrock, and investigates to see if Hadelbrock mentions this specific spellbook in his writings. There is no mention of it, but Keira does recognize the book described within Hadelbrock's tome as being the very same book Mazrael stole from Enron. Mazrael left the party with that book!

The party decides with this new information, the best thing to do is to rest, and prepare for a trip back to East Shore in the morning. Bharash makes some final statements before heading to bed.

"We need to make arrangements for trade with East Shore over the land, so we travel there by foot tomorrow." Bharash continues, "It will take 2 days if we walk, less by riding a horse, but you know how silly I find it that you play with your food as such. I will not be riding my dinner, thank you."

The next morning, Bharash gathers the townspeople to let them know they are leaving for a quick trip to East Shore, that If there are any loved ones in East Shore, write their letters and we will deliver them. The town's architect reveals that he needs some things from East Shore, and gives the party a list of items.

"I'm going to get some chicken eggs!" Keira shouts to Bharash.

Keira rushes off on her own to check on her spider eggs and grab a few chicken eggs for the journey. When she gets to the coop, she notices that one of the spider's eggs has hatched, but the spider is nowhere to be seen. Keira reaches in her pack and grabs her other spider egg. She holds it up to the light, and it suddenly cracks and out crawls a spider.

Keira kneels to the ground as the spider crawls up her arm to her shoulder toward her face. Thinking it might be hungry, Keira takes one of the baby chicks and offers it to the newborn spider. It tackles it, rolls it into its webbing and begins feasting on it. It withers away within the spider's webbing as the spider consumes it. Keira pays no mind and rushes back to the party which is preparing for departure to East Shore.

The trip toward East Shore is mostly uneventful. The party manages to trek over halfway there, through woods, rivers, and grasslands without any trouble. They decide to take a break and set up camp for the night. Bokamos takes first watch.

2 hours peaceful hours pass before Bo taps on Brodie's shoulder to take over the watch. Brodie begins surveying the area, it is all clear. Bo dreams of Alaena.

Suddenly, a loud yelp comes from the camp! Bo is being attacked by dozens of tiny snakes! As the swarm materializes, the party wakes up in a panic as the swarm of snakes engulfs Bo's body, slithering and biting.

Keira attempts to free Bo from the snakes but becomes entangled in them as well. They are slithering and biting both of them now.

Bharash throws fireballs at Bo and Keira. Bo's Tiefling body is resistant to fire, so he only takes 12 damage, while Keira takes the full brunt of the attack for 23 pts of damage! The snakes burst into flames and begin melting off their bodies, but as this swarm dissipates, more approach the charred friends. Keira reels and starts kungfu fighting, taking out countless snakes in the process, while Brodie, freaked out, hides behind Bharash who is readying another round of fireballs. The snakes bite Keira and she takes 6 physical damage and 8 poison damage. The snakes slither and bite Bo as well. He takes 6 physical damage and 5 poison damage, as a result.

Bharash's fireball flashes over the writhing pair as snakes explode and fall away. Keira's hit points are reduced to zero as she takes another 23 points of damage, but she is stabilized by a special pendant which prevents her from being knocked unconscious. Bo takes another 11 points of damage.

Bharash picks up one of the charred snakes and bites the head of one, but is poisoned in the process, taking 7 damage.

Brodie collects venom from the dead snakes in 3 vials.

The party cannot continue sleeping in this spot due to the trauma and smell of burning snakes, so they venture on toward East Shore. Bharash's poison has made him exhausted as he is unable to sleep through the night. His exhaustion slows down the party, so they make him ride on the back of a horse.

How fitting!

Speaking of fitting, as the party approaches East Shore, Brodie dawns Kane's robes and with Keira's help, is able to disguise himself as cane rather convincingly. He has business to attend to at Kane's mansion regarding his finances, and some new investments at Wyvernfell, so he departs alone toward Kane's property.

Bharash and Keira go to the temple where the priest helped Luth, while Bokamos heads to the pub for some libations and entertaining. Keira knocks on the temple doors and is greeted by a smiling priest who remembers her from before, and Bharash, looking rather sickly, follows inside to rest.

"Ah, Keira! How very good to see you! Luth is doing well, just got himself a soldiering job with Voltic, actually, the lad. He makes rounds through town and helps the people. They are always happy to see him. How are you?" The priest is ecstatic, as he must not get many visitors.

"We need you to make holy water, and lots of it, priest," Bharash says to the priest. "Like a whole lot," Keira adds.

"Bharash, you don't look so good, perhaps you should rest, but yes, yes. I can do that." The priest appears confused.

"I will be fine, priest. More importantly, can you make a holy powder that we could mix with water? We need a tremendous amount of blessed water, that it will be supremely difficult to carry water." Bharash mumbles deliriously.

"I can bless water," says the priest, firmly, "for a price."

Keira asks where Luth is while handing him all of her 96 copper pieces, and cuts the chit chat there when the priest answers, rushing off to the town barracks alone. Bharash simply waves her off, hands the priest 2 gold pieces as payment, and rests.

(Brodie) Kane arrives at his mansion and is greeted by Smithy, the manservant. They go over Kane's books in his study.

Kane asks, "Were you able to procure any skilled workers who want to start a new life in Wyvernfell?"

Smithy says he was able to only find 2 skilled workers, a carpenter and a tanner who fit the bill.

"Well, your standards are very high, Smithy. I appreciate you putting forth the effort."

"Thank you, sir," Smithy bows.

"Please send word. The carpenter and tanner are to travel to Wyvernfell. The carpenter will have work, while the tanner should report to Bokamos."

"Certainly, sir," Smithy continues to bow. "Would you enjoy a fine meal, Master Kane?"

Kane motions for his manservant to fetch the chef, but stops. "Smithy, I have another task for you. Go to the temple. There is a dragonborn named Bharash, and a small monk girl with him. Bharash is my traveling bodyguard. I have work for him."

"Of course!" Smithy takes his leave.

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