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The Gang meets a Moon Priestess (pt. 4)

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Keira meets with Luth credit @dwynlip

Brodie pretends to be Kane, and takes care of Kane's affairs at his mansion, Bharash is at the temple resting, Bo is at the pub, and Keira searches for Luth.

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Keira ran off from the temple before to find an altar where she had hoped to collect money from the towns. She arrives to see nothing but some food and small offerings in front of her tree mound. It appears that the people of East Shore do not have much wealth. Keira leaves the drider pendant half she picked from the drider lair when Bharash first joined their party.

Keira wanders off toward the town's barracks and decides to knock on the door. The door opens, revealing a large man wearing armor.

"How may I serve you, child?" the soldier asks.

"I'm looking for a boy called 'Luth.' I am his best friend."

Other guards approach laughing. "Haha, I told ya," he pokes at another guard who is smiling. "He is making rounds, checking up on the citizens. He is a very busy boy, with a very active imagination." He points in the direction where Luth had last been seen.


Keira, as spritely as ever, rushes off in the direction of the town's square. She slows to a casual stroll as she approaches a young soldier wearing armor that is comically too large for him. He is knocking on doors asking "Are you ok?"

"Yes, Luth, we are ok." most say.

Luth walks near to a dog, and he kneels down with some food, pets him and stands back up before knocking on the next door. "Are you ok?"

"Bugger off, Luth!" some say, to which he replies, "Ok, I'm just doin' my rounds."

Keira jumps in front of Luth, surprising him. He is overjoyed to see his friend!

"Oh Keira, my friend is it really you? I have so much to tell you about. Look, I am a real soldier now. I am very important. Voltic says I must be as sharp as a tack an as watchful as an eagle."

Keira asks Luth about the letter she left with him before. He says he knows where it is, but doesn't have it on him.

"Would you like to do rounds with me, Keira?" asks Luth.

The two friends giggle and skip to the next house where Luth knocks and says "Are you ok?"

"Oh for fuck's sake, Luth!"

With the job nearing its end, Luth takes Keira over to his home where the letter is. Luth retrieves it and offers to read it to her. Keira objects, but luth insists on reading it.

Luth learned to read?!

After some back and forth, Keira finally accepts that there is just no getting around it. Luth is going to read this letter to her no matter what. Luth reads the letter aloud, which unbeknownst to him, is about Luth, however, Luth believes it is about another close friend of Keira's and pays no mind to the details within.

The letter indicates that Keira may not be meditating incorrectly, but that everyone has darkness within them, that meditation is not perfect, but it helps people ward their inner darkness and find peace. Perhaps this friend is experiencing the throws of his inner darkness.

Luth reads the letter confidently but pays no mind to its contents. One key phrase does stick out, though.

We are all grey until we choose our path toward light or dark.

Keira asks Luth if he knows someone who is a magic user named Old Bill Darma. Luth mentions that he has met the man in his rounds, but doesn't know him that well. About to run off again, Keira says, "Luth, go take care of your sister tonight."

Luth says, "Tell Bo I saw Alaena and she was in the woods."

Keira pauses.

Luth hurriedly continues, "She came into town. It was scary and then she ran off into the woods. She came to my house and said 'Luth, Luth! Everything is going to be ok.' She hugged me and said 'sorry' and then she ran off."

Keira asks "Luth, is your sister home now?" and wastes no time barging in.

Luth's sister is shocked, surprised and upset that someone she has never met is suddenly invading her home. Keira takes the moonstone from the Temple of the Moon Goddess out of her satchel, and places it in Luth's sister's hands.

It radiates with light so bright that it illuminates even the darkest shadows. Then it shrinks into the palm of Luth's sister, and burns the symbol of the Moon Priestess into her hand. The air is full of emotion. She starts crying, Keira is crying, Luth is crying. Everyone is crying. The moon stone transforms into a necklace. She places it around her own neck and seemingly knows all, and is even familiar with Keira.

Keira earns a point of inspiration from the DM.

After everyone calms down, the new Moon Priestess tells Keira that Ella is her sister now.

Smithy rides up casually to the temple's doors. He has had a long day fulfilling errands for his master, Kane. The final task he was given is to notify Bharash and the monk to meet with Kane at his mansion. Smithy knocks on the doors and the friendly priest welcomes him inside.

"Priest, I have been sent by Master Kane with instructions to retrieve his bodyguard, Bharash and his monk companion. Have you seen them?"

Before the priest can respond, Bharash, feeling a bit better, walks into the room.

"Ah, you must be the dragonborn Master Kane speaks of. He has asked that you and your friend hurry back to the mansion on important business."

"Yes, oh yes, yes of course!" Bharash stumbles. "I shall head there shortly. Thank you, Smitty."

Smithy bows and leaves.

The priest, with his finger pointing in the air, swiftly pivots and returns to his work, blessing potions for the travelers.

Bharash heads toward the barracks, remembering that Luth is now a soldier, hoping to find his monk friend. As he arrives, the guards seem alarmed.

"What can I do for you, dragonborn?" the guard asks cautiously.

"Please don't be alarmed, I am looking for my friends. One is a boy called 'Luth' and his friend, an energetic monk girl. Have you seen either of them?" Bharash bows slightly.

The guards gather around. There is a look of surprise amongst all of them. There is murmuring as one guard says, "Can this be real? Luth was telling the truth?"

Bharash peers in, "I must really be going. I need to find them. Can you point the way?"

The guards continue to talk amongst themselves. One reaches into his pouch and hands another some gold. "I guess I have lost this one, fellas."

The guard standing closest to Bharash points towards Luth's house. It is getting later in the day and he is likely done with his rounds, checking in with his sister before heading back to the barracks for his report.

Bharash takes his leave of the astonished guardsmen and briskly walks to Luth's house. He arrives at the door, knocks on it and is immediately greeted by a grinning Luth, who hugs him immediately.

"Oh Luth, my boy! You look very strong," he says noticing Luth's armor. "Is Keira with you?"

Luth leads Bharash inside to where Luth's sister, the newest Moon Priestess sits on her bed. She has always disliked visitors, for they always stared at her misshapen body, but Bharash only sees her radiant beauty.

Not that he would notice. All humans look the same to him.

"Luth, your sister is so very radiant and beautiful! It is an honor to meet the Moon Priestess." Bharash bows, and looks over to Keira. "We must go to Kane's mansion, Keira. Please follow me."

Luth taps on Keira, "I thought you said Kane was a bad man. The townspeople don't like him. Why are you going to the bad man's house, Keira?"

Keira tells Luth to protect his sister, that she is very important, and he is her most important protector now. Luth smiles and forgets his question.

Bharash and Keira venture over to Kane's mansion where he and Smithy are having a conversation. "How do the people feel about me these days, Smithy?" Kane asks.

"Well, you see sir. Most of the people here do not have the wealth you have. They do not speak of your exploits fondly. I suppose this cannot be helped, for they do not understand such matters as the economy." Smithy hears a knock at the door and hurries downstairs, "Master Kane."

Relieved, Smithy opens the door to Bharash and Keira who walk right in. Smithy greets them and leads them up to Kane's study. Smithy stands by the door.

Kane offers food to his friends. "Would you have anything to eat, Bharash?"

Bharash looks over to Smithy, "If you have any horse, I would enjoy a smoked horse steak very much."

Kane commands Smithy to kill the weakest horse from the stables, and prepare the meat for Bharash. Smithy, looking slightly disgusted complies and leaves the group to their conversation. Bharash and Keira tell Kane about the Moon Priestess and about Luth.

Keira talks about Old Man Darma, the magic herbalist that Luth knows. Luth told her where he lives. Kane decides it is time to visit this herbalist right away, even though it is midnight.

On the way out the mansion, Smithy wishes the party farewell, as it will take time to kill and smoke, and cook this horse. The party travels over to Bill Darma's home where they knock on the door.

"Mr. Darma," Kane yells as Keira knocks, "We expect your assistance, please. It is an urgent matter."

They can see a dim light appear from the upstairs window, as the old man lights a candle and puts on his cap and robes. He opens the door and greets them with an annoyed smile. "Bill Darma?" Kane asks, "Please, this is of utmost importance or you wouldn't have woken you at this hour. We are friends, please lend us your ears."

The party follows Old Man Bill Darma into his home, where he lights more candles. He guides everyone to take a seat and explain what the fuss is about.

Bharash takes out a photo of the Dick Flower plant that Khemed gave him to find in order to establish a trade route to Wyvernfell.

Bill places a spectacle in front of his candle as he looks over the image on the parchment.

"Ah, the purple rigid! This flower is so rare, that even a single gram can sell for over 100 gold pieces. It is used in spells, of the necromantic variety mostly, or to use in healing or other more harmful means." he peers at each member of the party and then hands the parchment back to Bharash while walking toward his tea kettle. "In the wrong hands, it could do much evil. Everything could be used for evil, but also for good, but this herb is often twisted for evil intentions." He falls silent.

Brodie breaks the awkwardness. "If this plant were to become commonplace, would that be bad or good?"

Bharash adds, "If this were formed into a tincture, would that be a good thing, perhaps something marketable?

Bill takes a sip of chamomile tea, turns and says, "It's is like fire to a pyromancer." He stares at Bharash, knowing that he is, in fact, a pyromancer.

Brodie asks if there is a way to destroy it for good, if it is found, hypothetically.

"I don't know. You wouldn't happen to have any with you would you?"

The party thanks Mr. Darma for his time and leaves his home. Keira remains behind. "Mr. Old Man Mr. Darma, What do I do when a powerful thing has a bond with you and you don't know what to do? They don't know about it. They are dumb, they don't know, but I want to know."

Bill says, "Bonds are pacts and will remain as such until one or both is destroyed. Do you understand, Child?"

Keira nods.

"What pact has been made? " he continues.

She doesn't answer so he bends down to whisper "Be careful who you pray to, for they might listen." he stands back up. "You haven't made a pact with the devil have you?"

Keira fails a deception check.

"It's not Luth is it?"

Keira fails another deception check, but it's not a big deal because Old Man Bill Darma is a gangster and won't snitch.

The party leaves his home and ventures back to Kane's mansion.

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